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Basic Handgun / CCW

The 3 Squad Tactical training for Basic Handgun / CCW focuses on the basic fundamentals the responsibly owning and operating a handgun.  If previously approved for a CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit, this class meets and exceeds the training requirements for certification.  The class will cover safety, equipment, storage, and the  laws related to owning and using a handgun.   Students will develop an understanding of proper handgun technique, the importance of mindset, and human performance under stress.  This is an introductory class and it is designed for civilian shooters with a little or no experience with a handgun.

Intermediate Handgun

This class for intermediate handgun will begin to develop the student from responsible handgun owner into a confident handgun operator.  The class focuses on three elements of that Combat Triad: Mindset, Gun Handling, and Marksmanship.  Students will develop the confidence to succeed while they develop that mental blueprint for performance.  This class is designed for experienced shooters.

Advanced Handgun

The advanced handgun class takes the competent handgun operator and provide skills necessary for winning tactical encounters.  Through stress inoculation, students are forged into competent gunfighters.  Only those students that display Advanced Mindset, Gun Handling, and Marksmanship skills will be invited to participate.

Additional Training

Basic Level

Intermediate Level

  • Intermediate Gun Handling – Concepts and Applications
    • Conditioning Responses, Defining Opportunities for Tactical Advantage, Cover and Concealment, Shooting on the Move
  • Force and Situational Awareness
    • Managing Context, Resources, Communications; Redirection and Escalation; Verbal Judo
    • Prepared for Action; Taking Appropriate Action; Preservation of Scene; Managing Communications and Remaining Alert

Advanced Level

  • Advanced Defensive Gun Handling
    • Defensive Tactics, Weapon Retention, Ground Tactics, Survival Skills
    • Performing Under Stress, Disability, Limited Resources

Organizational Preparedness

  • Communications Plan; Staff Preparedness; Alert and Vigilant; Physical Security Considerations

Defensive Tactics

  • Practical, simple methods of avoiding injury in a confrontation

Tactical Communications

  • Generating Voluntary Compliance; Avoiding or Deescalating Violence; Defusing Confrontations
  • Avoiding or Deescalating Violence

Force Science

  • Conditioning and Training on preparing the mind and body to respond to stressful situations in a tactical context